Andrew C. Dvorak

Email: City: Mountain View, CA Résumé:


Making fast, user-friendly websites that are fun and easy to use.


  1. Software Engineer - Search UI Infrastructure

    Google Present

  2. Senior Front End Developer


    • Redesigned DCI's global corporate website using responsive mobile-first design, Amazon CloudFront, and Grunt
    • Redesigned DCI's flagship LiveGuide platform front end using Node.js / Express, Handlebars, a wicked-fast Backbone-inspired framework, a custom asset bundle pipeline, and Redis
      • Displays 10,000+ items (even in IE8) in < 500 ms
    • Transitioned dev team from Subversion to Git
  3. Senior Programmer Analyst

    Kohl's Department Stores

    • Architected and drove development of in-store kiosk re-platform from IE7 to Chrome using Node.js / Express, AngularJS, Socket.IO, and Spring MVC
      • Nationwide rollout to all ~3,000 kiosks in 49 states
      • From proposal to production in 3 months
  4. Programmer Analyst

    Kohl's Department Stores

    • Redesigned kiosk front end with modern, mobile-style UI for Chrome while maintaining IE7 compatibility
      • AOP-style fix for memory leaks in IE
      • HTML5 form validation API polyfill for IE
      • Loaded 1,000+ items over 1 Mbit/s store network in < 2 sec, including product images and barcodes
    • Migrated front end from JSP to Freemarker / Spring MVC
    • Automated WebLogic dev install for entire e-commerce organization
    • Automated migration of user accounts from IBM Lotus Notes to Google Apps
    • Redesigned Kohl's System of Record front end

Open Source

  1. LESS Compiler for IntelliJ Platform

    Plugin to automatically transpile .less files to .css in IntelliJ, WebStorm, etc. whenever they or their dependencies change.

  2. jQuery Caret Plugin

    Plugin to manipulate the caret position and selection range of input and textarea elements.

  3. BDHero

    Automatic Blu-ray to MKV muxer and analysis tool written in C# / .NET.

  4. RquireJS

    Lightweight CommonJS-style Browserify replacement with an emphasis on speed and minification.

Additional Skills